Tuesday, 23 March 2010

World Traveller Internship - The Application Process

Above: What I have been up to in the meanwhile...

My application (click here to view) has now been completed 3 weeks today and has received 972 votes! I have received many lovely comments from close friends and complete strangers :) The most heartfelt comments I have received are from people I have stayed with while traveling, people I have travelled with and people I have met on my journeys.

Here's a few:

The amount of support I have had behind me has been immense, I currently don't go a day without walking through uni and someone telling me how good they thought my application video was, how suitable they think I am to do this job and how amazing the World Traveller Internship sounds!

This application has restored my love for video recording and editing, i couldn't just stop at one video, I had to make another to prove my camera skills. Click here to view my latest!

When awaiting for the deadline to approach I thought I'd get an professional opinion on my video and who better to ask than the World Traveller Intern of 2009, STA Travel's very own legend Chris Danner:

and these words of wisdom will be taken into consideration when creating my final video (given I get the opportunity to!) The surf video chris mentioned is here!!

How have I prepared for step 2?
In preparation for the next steps in the application process I have written my CV ready to be sent, had it checked and checked again and to be honest I'm pretty happy with it. :) I have found that the Internship works damn well in timing for me as everything I have been working towards in the past two years (with my gap year, photography, web design, blogging and working with STA Travel Buzz) has prepared me for this internship.

I am at the beginning stage of thinking about my next video (THE FINAL VIDEO). I have (as always) many new ideas and approaches to this video and I'm very excited about making this happen... if i am selected for the final.

My Views on the Competition so far...
Today was meant to be the final deadline for stage 1 of the process however, it was announced last night that this has been extended for 3 more days which makes this even more exciting, i'm looking forward to seeing any new applications within these next few days.

So here's a quick summary of what I think about some of the applications so far:

- Slideshows -reaally.. no, if STA want to see your uniqueness, likability and personality I don't think this is the way to do it.

- Get to know STA before making a video - some applications (not naming names) have called STA Travel "Student Travel Australia" or "Star Travel", if you want to work with STA you've got to get their name right for a start... its "Student Travel Association"

- Camera Starers - Don't just stare at a camera and tell the world how much you love to travel, pictures and video are very important in expressing how and why you would be suitable in between clips of commentary!

From the applications I have seen so far there have been videos that have made me laugh, cry, sleep and cringe but the applicants that definitely stand out for me are:

Paddy Doyle A video full of life with confidence with that camera.

Emma Sparks "because travel should be on prescription..."

some of the really late entries have also impressed me by Amy Loader (with her guide to the creation of maple syrup), Harry Harris (with his humorous interviews and the smile that may win it for him) and of corse a mention to Chris Ambrose (with his "The World We Live In" song wouldn't get out of my head last night when i was trying to sleep).

I am excited to see who makes it into the Top 50! :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Woolacombe - Hear No Surf, See No Surf, Pray For Surf...

Last weekend, Myself and the University of Leicester Surf Club took a weekend trip away to sunny Woolacombe, North Devon. 21 of us packed up the cars with food, booze and surfboards and headed to the coast in search for some awesome waves.

Take a look...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

World Traveller Internship - My Application | Round 1

Back in October I received an e-mail from STA Travel Buzz inviting me to the release of the World Traveller Intern Application. The following day I purchase my £30 train ticket and headed down to the STA office in Victoria. Here I managed to meet most of the STA Travel Bloggers (including Mankini on a Mission who I was quite excited about meeting), we were given a presentation regarding what we needed to do in order to apply for the internship. This instantly got me raring to go and got to work on producing an awesome video covering my experiences as well as my suitability for the job......

Many many hours of work and procrastination from writing my dissertation proposal and it has finally been finished.... my application for the World Traveling Internship with STA Travel.

For the first Round of the Internship application we were set the following task:

Round 1

Create a 2-3 minute video telling us why you’ve got what it takes to become a World Traveller Intern. The video should be posted as a response to our video. Then create a profile and submit the link to your YouTube video. Tell us and and world as much information as possible about you and start sharing your profile on Facebook, Twitter and beyond in order to get your friends to vote for you and get you featured on the homepage of WorldTravellerIntern.co.uk.

Make sure you have completed 100% of your application by the 23rd March 2010.

I feel that this internship would be the ideal for me, as everything I have been working on over the past couple of years seem to fit the criteria perfectly... Over a period of a couple of days, I collated my favorite travel photo's and experiences and put them together in a video to explain why ive got what it takes to become an STA Travel intern!

I found that 2-3 minutes was very very hard to explain how suitable I am for this job, I feel I managed to squeeze in the main points to get the message across. This weekend I will be recording a travel video as an addition to the application to prove how capable I am with the camera in hand :) So watch this space....

All of the other applications I have seen look awesome and I am very much looking forward to the outcome. I wish the best of luck to everyone!

My application is now live on the World Traveller Intern website!!

Click here to view and vote for me (if you think I deserve it!)

I would like to thank my good friend Tom Ford (yes thats him in the photo) for writing and putting together the music for this video. It fitted perfectly to what I wanted to achieve. Please go and check him out at http://www.myspace.co.uk/tomfordproductions