Wednesday, 3 March 2010

World Traveller Internship - My Application | Round 1

Back in October I received an e-mail from STA Travel Buzz inviting me to the release of the World Traveller Intern Application. The following day I purchase my £30 train ticket and headed down to the STA office in Victoria. Here I managed to meet most of the STA Travel Bloggers (including Mankini on a Mission who I was quite excited about meeting), we were given a presentation regarding what we needed to do in order to apply for the internship. This instantly got me raring to go and got to work on producing an awesome video covering my experiences as well as my suitability for the job......

Many many hours of work and procrastination from writing my dissertation proposal and it has finally been finished.... my application for the World Traveling Internship with STA Travel.

For the first Round of the Internship application we were set the following task:

Round 1

Create a 2-3 minute video telling us why you’ve got what it takes to become a World Traveller Intern. The video should be posted as a response to our video. Then create a profile and submit the link to your YouTube video. Tell us and and world as much information as possible about you and start sharing your profile on Facebook, Twitter and beyond in order to get your friends to vote for you and get you featured on the homepage of

Make sure you have completed 100% of your application by the 23rd March 2010.

I feel that this internship would be the ideal for me, as everything I have been working on over the past couple of years seem to fit the criteria perfectly... Over a period of a couple of days, I collated my favorite travel photo's and experiences and put them together in a video to explain why ive got what it takes to become an STA Travel intern!

I found that 2-3 minutes was very very hard to explain how suitable I am for this job, I feel I managed to squeeze in the main points to get the message across. This weekend I will be recording a travel video as an addition to the application to prove how capable I am with the camera in hand :) So watch this space....

All of the other applications I have seen look awesome and I am very much looking forward to the outcome. I wish the best of luck to everyone!

My application is now live on the World Traveller Intern website!!

Click here to view and vote for me (if you think I deserve it!)

I would like to thank my good friend Tom Ford (yes thats him in the photo) for writing and putting together the music for this video. It fitted perfectly to what I wanted to achieve. Please go and check him out at

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